These Are Some Minimalist Automatic Wooden Gate Designs That You Can Try At Home

Not only minimalist house types, but minimalist automatic wooden gates are now also becoming a trend. The minimalist style itself carries simplicity and maximum functionality. Minimalist style is not only a trend but also very popular with urban people. To further demonstrate the concept of simplicity, a minimalist automatic wooden gate can be made of wood. Minimalist automatic wooden gates or automatic driveway wooden gates are quite rarely found in urban areas and can be used as inspiration for simple house automatic wooden gates.

Here are some minimalist automatic wooden gate designs and how to make them:

Black Iron Framed Automatic Wooden Gate

The first minimalist automatic wooden gate design is an automatic wooden gate with a black iron frame. The wood used is arranged in a vertical shape and then framed using black iron. This automatic wooden gate design has become a favourite of many people because it is not too heavy or high so it looks so elegant.

The design of the automatic wooden gate looks so attractive because of the combination of the colour of the automatic wooden gate with black iron. The concrete automatic wooden gate can also be easily painted using the colour you want.

Rustic Themed Automatic Wooden Gate

This automatic wooden gate design gives a simple impression but looks so modern. The rustic-themed automatic wooden gate is made not too high so that it provides a solid boundary between the yard and the road.

This automatic wooden gate is specially designed by making a cavity between the wooden trellis so that it gives a very luxurious yet simple impression. This type of automatic wooden gate is not so heavy that it is easy to open.

All-White Automatic Wooden Gate

The next minimalist automatic wooden gate design is a wooden gate filled with white. This automatic wooden gate has two designs, namely the main automatic wooden gate which is slightly short and also the guardrail that is flat and elongated on the left.

A very creative design game is seen in the main automatic wooden gate, namely a regular square design at the bottom with a curved shape. While the top shaped trellis. The design is even more perfect by giving it a white colour.

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