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What are an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? Understanding entrepreneurs is a person who engages in entrepreneurial activities to change the world through his ideas and innovations, while the notion of entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship (creating added value by combining resources in new and different ways to win the competition), in short. So it can be concluded that the definition of the meaning of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is different, but both are mutually tied to one another. These two terms are often used in the world of economics and business. You can read our entrepreneur story on

Understanding of entrepreneurship, in general, is a person’s ability or attitude in exploring the potential to create something useful for themselves and others through the process of identifying and developing a vision of innovative opportunities in a better way. Here is also some understanding of entrepreneurship according to experts.

– Zimmerer defines that Entrepreneurship is the process of applying innovation and creativity in determining opportunities and solving problems to improve business and business life.

– Robin and Coulter argued that Entrepreneurship is a process in which an individual or group seeks an opportunity with organized effort and adequate means to fulfill their desires and needs through unique innovations.

– Druker believes that Entrepreneurship is a process of doing something different (innovative) and new (creative), so that it is useful and provides more value in creating something new and different.

Examples of entrepreneurship include:

1. Ecopreneurship
Ecopreneurship is an entrepreneurial concept whose efforts are not focused on seeking profit, but prioritizing environmental aspects. In the process, the activities are carried out efficiently and environmentally friendly (waste management well).

2. Sociopreneurship
Unlike Ecopreneurship, the focus is on promoting environmental aspects, Sociopreneurship is more on social aspects. One way is to look at the business opportunities that exist in the environment so that it can empower the surrounding community and improve the welfare of living together.

3. Technopreneurship
The concept of entrepreneurship by combining technology into its business so that it is more modern, efficient and effective. Can save time and expenses.

There are several benefits that you can get if you learn about entrepreneurship, including:

– Increasing high entrepreneurial motivation
– Useful for the future
– Utilizing potential and making changes
– Cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, attitude, behavior and abilities among people who are capable, reliable and superior
– Information to run a business.

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