Interesting Facts About France

At a time when many countries are having polemics over the policy of using nuclear, the French state has actually used it. More than 70% of its power generation uses Nuclear. The French state chose to use nuclear because one of the reasons is that it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions, because nuclear does not produce carbon dioxide that is scattered in the atmosphere, this carbon dioxide is what triggers an extreme climate on earth and an increase in heat on the earth’s surface. This is the reason prefers to use nuclear energy as a power plant.

Ranked 17th in the world in carbon dioxide reduction
It is not surprising that France has received a world award for its concern for reducing carbon dioxide. This achievement has been built with pro-environmental policies, one of which is as described above that in the use of fuel only , they use environmentally friendly materials, using nuclear that does not produce carbon dioxide.

The second largest film producer in the world
The exoticism of the French country in many ways makes this country the second largest film producer in the world. Many action and romantic films were born from France, because in addition to the beauty of the environment that is conducive to filmmaking, France also has universities that focus on these fields so that many good directors graduate.

The 5th largest in the world for its economy
You can imagine if the economy was advanced and the 5th largest in the world, what would you feel if you were there. All access to education, transportation, clothing, housing and food will be very affordable because financial regulations are arranged very neatly and well. Even the interesting thing is, even if someone there doesn’t have a job and doesn’t even have a house, he is still given a ration by the state to eat 3 meals a day for free.

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